Welcome to  class

   YahwehYahshua Training Center

where you can expect more than a sitting ministry.

Class is in session for those who have been called out to be the bride of Yahshua.   Here you will be instructed by the spirit of Father Yahweh using his man servant to teach the Laws of Father Yahweh.  Our goal is to become a preist (teacher) in the Millenium and called  the greatest.    Mat. 5:19and Rev. 5:9-10


Requirements:  Obedience  Faithfulness   Loyalty....  to the word of Father Yahweh


Tools:  A mind to seek the mind of Father Yahweh

            The Book of Yahweh the word

            Pen and Paper for note taking for questions/discussion at the end of the lesson

            Punctuality, time is very important.

            Tithe and Offering to support the work of Father Yahweh






Address:   413 Dolly Harris Rd.

Senoia, Georgia  30276 

Phone   678-887-1698



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